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Kristian Nergaard broached and was thrown into the sea.It could have gone really bad when Nergaard, who had built up a clear lead in today’s first World Championship race went into a dangerous broach and was thrown into the water. Fortunately, he got hold of a line that he clung to and was pulled back on board by his shipmates Johan Barne and Christen Horn Johannessen. The lead was lost, but what is worse is that he has probably broken a rib and that it is therefore uncertain whether he can finish the championship. He completed this and the second race on high adrenaline to a 5th and a 4th place, and the team is thus in the fight for championship medals if they can continue.

Kristian Nergaard, Johan Barne and Christen Horn Johannessen (photo: Christian Ruscetta, KNS)

The starting boat, Ludvig Daae’s «Ille Moro», also had trouble when a Soling out of control put the bow straight into the side and made a big hole. Dag Usterud, who led the championship before today’s races, lost his chances after a collision with a competitor between races and damaged his hull to the extent that he could not start in the second. In the first, the team was disqualified after an irregular start.

Today’s team came from a lake in Hungary

Farkas Litkey and the crew Karoly Vezér and Kristof Wossala became today’s team with a 2nd and a 1st place. After a dircard they now lead with 12 points ahead of reigning world champions Kadu Bergenthal, Vilnei Goldmeier and Edgar Oppitz who have 22, while Herman Horn-Johannessen, Harald Blom Bakke and Lars Horn Johannessen are in 3rd place with 23 points.

First race

Many of the boats that chose the left half of the course after the start ended up overstanding the windward mark. Kristian Nergaard and Anders Pedersen and the crew Alexander Ringstad and Kjell Inge Heiberg tacked in time and rounded the top mark at the same time, but Nergaard built up a good lead which he held until the famous broach which probably cost more than a hundred metres. The remainder of the race was a battle between Brazil’s Nelson Ihla, Manfredo Florick and Leonardo Meyhofer, Litkey and Pedersen, finishing in that order, followed by Bergenthal and Nergaard.

Second race

The second race turned into a dogfight between Pedersen, Litkey, Bergenthal and Nergaard, where the lead kept changing. On the run towards the finish, it was the boat that got to ride the furthest on a wave that was ahead. At the finish line, it was almost impossible to separate the top three who were within centimeters apart. In the end, it was a Hungarian victory ahead of Brazil and the best Norwegian team with Pedersen, Ringstad and Heiberg, who with two 3rd places today have signed up for the match for the medals.

Overall result list:

  1. Litkey 12 p
  2. Bergenthaler 22 p
  3. Horn-Johannessen 23 p
  4. Ihla 24 p
  5. Pedersen 24 p
  6. Wang 26 p
  7. Nergaard 27 p

Complete results:


Heavy winds are forecast for tomorrow, spreading speculation as to whether the Solings should race or not.

(Photo: Christian Ruscetta, KNS)



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