JUNE 2024

Farkas Litkey, Kàroly Vesèr, Kristòf Wossala won the Soling World Championships 2024 after the last two races sunday.
Nergaard, Horn Johanessen and Barne best of the Scandinavians with a bronze medal.

The final races in this year’s world championship for Solings were more exciting than expected with ranking changes after two difficult races where
strong currents and changing winds presented major challenges for the sailors.

The first race began dramatically for the Farkas Litkey, who had a ten-point lead before today’s races. The Hungarian incurred a penalty even before the start in a duel with Herman Horn Johannessen and it suddenly looked as if Farkas Litkey would have problems defending the lead. From a hopeless position, he however sailed through the fleet and finished in strong 8th place, enough to keep the lead before the last race.

It was instead Lars Ingeberg and Kristian Nergaard who were to fight for victory in this race. Both chose to go out into the Glomma river current which ran into the Oslo Fjord approximately at 1.5 knots. That made the difference, and at the top mark Ingeberg, Alf Larsen and Bjørn Johanson led just ahead of Nergaard, Christen Horn Johannessen and Johan Barne. The other Norwegian medal candidates were somewhat down the ranks together with Farkas Litkey, Karoly Wézer and Kristof Wossala. Nergaard got past Ingeberg on the first run, but Ingeberg hung on and at the finish there was only a few meters difference in Nergaard’s favour. Of the other medal candidates, Horn Johannessen came in 4th place and had a hand on championhip silver, Wang was number 5, Pedersen 6th, Brazilian Ihla 7th and Litkey 8th. Still a clear lead for Litkey, but with a good Norwegian hold on the other medals.

Before the last race, the wind turned to the east and the course had to be turned towards left. Again, the current played an important role, which in addition to large pressure differences created some challenges. First at the top mark were Hungarian Varjas Sandor Endre, Gabor Meretei and Laszlo Kovacsi ahead of Brazil’s Nelson Ihla, Manfredo Florick and Leonardo Mayhofer, while Litkey and the Norwegian medal hopefuls were further back in the queue. Endre and Ihla kept the order at the finish, followed by Lars Ingeberg and the team of Dag Usterud, Terje Sorteberg and Torgeir Pedersen. Michael Farthofer, Rudolf Matheis and Lisa Farthofer was 5th, Litkey was 7th, Kristian Nergaard 8th, Rune Jacobsen, Thom B Haaland and Erling Landsverk were number 9 in the same boat they sailed in the Olympics 1992 in Barcelona, Herman Horn Johannessen, Lars Horn Johannessen and Harald Blom Bakke were 11 and Terje Wang, Odd Godager and Svein Sørensen 12.

This resulted in WC gold for Farkas for the 5th time, silver for Ihla and bronze for Nergaard, while the happiest Norwegian of the day was Lars Ingeberg who finished in 2nd and 3rd places. It did not give him a top spot on the over all rankings, but Ingeberg could also be happy with the news that the European Championships in Soling is coming to Norway in 2026. The Norwegian Soling Club has yet to decide the venue and the organiser.
Hankø again proved to be a demanding and fun venue where the sailors had the opportunity to test their ability to handle every, and as usual the best teams won.

Brazil with Nelson Ilha, Manfredo Florick, Leonardo Mayhofer won silver medal, while Norway’s Kristian Nergaard, Johan Barne, Christen Horn Johannessen won the bronze medals.

Total results:


Farkas Litkey, Kàroly Vesèr, Kristòf Wossala (photo: Christian Ruscetta | Royal Norwegian Yacht Club)



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