JUNE 2024

The Hankø race course presented itself from its very best when the World Champonship for Soling was kicked off today, Tuesday 26 June. 37 sailors from 11 nations filled the fjord with colorful spinnakers in a steady southerly wind of 8-12 knots.

The first race developed into a dogfight between BRA78 with Nelson Ilha, Manfredo Florick and Leonardo Mayhofer, NOR 157, «Kjappfot», Terje Wang with Odd Godager and Svein Sørensen and NOR 156 with Anders Østre Pedersen, Alexander Ringstad and Kjell Inge Heiberg. Wang was first at the first windward mark with a good margin to Ihla, while Pedersen was further down the field. Both lead boats came close to rounding the leward mark incorrectly, but corrected themselves at the last moment. However, that reduced Wang’s lead to just a boat length.

Wang looked to strengthen his lead on the 2nd beat, but failed to cover Brazil and missed a couple of windshifts just before rounding. At the mark, the two were practically even. Again, Wang held off on the run, but failed to cover Ilha on the next beat. The Brazilian got a favorable shift and suddenly the picture had changed and Pedersen, who came on strongly at this junction, turned the duo into a trio. Ilha was first at the last crossing mark with Pedersen just behind. These two battled hard for the win, with BRA able to hold off. At the finish, the difference was less than a boat length. Wang was third.

In the second race, last year’s world champions BRA 73, Kadu Berenthal, Vilney Goldmeier and Edgar Oppitz led from start to finish, despite the crew having spent the night repairing the boat after a serious grounding last night, and won easily ahead of Wang with HUN 11, Farkas Litkey, Károly Vezér and Kristóf Wossala in 3rd place.

Overall, Wang now leads ahead of Litkey and Pedersen with Ilha, Florick and Mayhofer in 4th place. Austria’s Michael Farthofer is fifth ahead of Varjja’s Sandor Endre, Hungary, with the Norwegian greats such as Kristian Nergaard with Johan Barne and Christen Horn Johannessen, Lars Ingeberg with Alf Larsen and Bjørn Johanson, Dag Usterud with Torgeir Pedersen, Herman Horn Johannessen with Lars Horn Johannessen and Harald Blom Bakke, and Rune Jacobsen, Erling Landsverk and Thom B Haaland sit in places from eight to 12. On Thursday, lighter winds and up to 27 degrees are predicted at Hankø. It can be a challenging day the water for both the sailors and the spectators.

Results after 2 races:


Pictures day 1:


Video interview with Terje Wang:

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