JUNE 2024

Under you will find information about guest berths, hotels in Hankø and Fredrikstad, summerhouses for rent, caravan parking and camping sites.

Guest berths

There are guest berthes available for visitors at Hankø Marina, Fredrikstad Seilforening (Fredrikstad Yacht Club) and Seilerkroa for those who have a boat to live in during the championship.
Booking and more information:

Hankø Marina: https://www.dockspot.com/en/docks/161-hanko-marina-hanko-marina?from=&to=
Number to call: +47 415 35 333
Seilerkroa: Booking: 69 33 25 35
Fredrikstad Seilforning: https://mooringo.com/no/ or contact; Atle Johannesen – +47 974 80 124


Hankø Hotel and SPA
Hankø Hotel and SPA is the only hotel on the Island.
The hotel offers a SPA department with swimming pool. https://hankohotell.no/
7 minutes walk from the hotel til Hankø Yacht Club

Hotels in Fredrikstad

Fredrikstad city is located approximately 15-20 minutes by car, and 30 minutes by bus to the ferry that takes you over to Hankø.

Quality Hotel Fredrikstad – Tlf. +47 69 39 30 67, booking.fredrikstad@choice.no
Google maps directions

Scandic City – Tlf. +47 90 07 67 00 – rune@hotelcity.no
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Summerhouses for rent:

There are a few private summerhouses for available for rent at Hankø and the nearby area that are not listed at finn.no or Airbnb. For more information, please contact Nine Paulsen at ninepaulsen@gmail.com or phone: +47 41 31 84 84

Airbnb.no & Finn.no
There are also quite a few summerhouses for rent at Airbnb.no: http://bit.ly/2ofgAfz and Finn.no – https://bit.ly/3qi5bPQ

Caravan Parking:

Are you planning to to live in your caravan, please contact the organizer for more information.


Feriehjemmet Solviken

Offers caravan parking, tent site and 14 small cabins for rent.
To rent one of the cabins or to book space for your caravan or tent, please call tlf: +47 69 33 32 02
NB – norwegian website: http://www.feriehjemmet-solviken.no/
Adress: Sandbukta 22, 1628 Engelsviken.
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Follow the Event

Real-time tracking is available via TracTrac here Instagram: @kongelignorskseilforening Meet the teams and hear their inspirational stories on our YouTube-Channel here Facebook: Kongelig Norsk Seilforening Updates, photos and

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