JUNE 2024

The Royal Norwegian Yacht Club will assist in finding rental boats. However, KNS will only act as an intermediary, and all agreements and settlements will be conducted between the boat owner and the lessee. The following boats are available for rent (the list is updated regularly).

KNS and NSK would like to have more Charter Boat on the list. If you have a boat or know about a boat pleas give us a hint. The boats must be in good condition, have a bypas or will pass the measurment. 


BØRRESEN 1994 NOR 133  

Description: Good boat, Abbott mast, no sails, antifouling plans to be removed this spring, trailer, Spinnaker drum. 

Insurance:  Included 

Price: Discuss with owner 

Location: Vågsbygd, Kristiansand 

Logistics: 400 km to Hankø via Drammen  

Contact: Erling Lynne  erling.lynne@icloud.com 


Abbott 1978 NOR 155 

Description: Abbott grey(mast), No sails, trailer, boat is being refurbished this winter, antifouling plans to be removed, no spinnaker drum, used as training boat for Norwegian Olympic team in the 90s. 

Insurance: Discuss with owner 

Price: Low, discuss with owner 

Location: Tvedestrand 

Logistics: 310km to Hankø via Drammen 

Contact: Harald Hilde harald.hilde@outlook.com  



Abbott 1978NOR 160  

Description: Rigg 1990 standard, Abbott grey mast, Proctor grey bom, Sail ok, Antifouling VC 17, Trailer available 

Insurance: ok. 

Price: Discuss with owner 

Location: Grimstad   

Logistics: 340km to Hankø via Drammen. 

Contact: Kristian Vale, kristian.vale@gmail.com   


Abbott 1990 – sail GER 292 

Description : Abbott gray mast, new standing rigging, modern layout 

Insurance: included 

Price: 2500 euros (negotiable) 

Trailer: New Küffer road trailer 

Location: Nuremberg, Germany, Logistics can be arranged, price to be discussed (rental car, driver, etc) 

Contact : Matias /matias@soling.com 




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