JUNE 2024

A sustainable World Championship – together.

Photo: Norwegian Sailing Federation

The Royal Norwegian Yacht Club (KNS) works continuously to ensure that all parts of the organization are as sustainable and climate friendly as possible.

The sea, in addition to weather and wind, are some of the most important things we have as a sailing association and on which we depend on in order to be able to practice our sports. We are committed to preserving these natural resources, and passing them on to the next generation in the same condition we want it to be.

KNS has decided that by 2030 we will be an association that does not add CO2 to the climate and does not contribute to littering nature with our activities – we will become a «zero footprint association» and this will apply to all our facilities (buildings, port facilities, cars and boats) and all our activities (trainings, regattas, travel).

To achieve this, sustainability must be integrated into everything KNS does; we must be an association that takes active responsibility for its own environmental impact.

We are not there yet but work actively every day to achieve that goal – at our permanent facilities, with our means of transport, our events and follow-up of our suppliers and sponsors.

Garbage disposal:

  • There will be waste bins for proper waste disposal
  • No garbage is to be disposed of in the areas around the Yacht Club or in the ocean. Use the assigned garbage containers. Larger items need to be disposed of in the containers either at the Seilerkroa, or on the mainland by the grocery store Joker.

– Accommodation of most of the race officials in walking distanc
– Fuel-efficient driving on water and land
– Encouraging sailors and race officials to use public transportation or traveling together.

Eqality of gender:
KNS works to achieve equality in all association activities. We want to strengthen the position of girls and women and arrange pure girls’ regattas and courses to inspire more girls to start sailing activities and boating. We also work with having more female race management crews.

Pick Garbage:
– KNS supports the Norwegian Sailing Federations “Clean Seas” and “Hold Havet Rent” initiatives (keep the ocean clean). During the championship we encourage all sailors and volunteers to pick garbage.
– Race officials will be encouraged to pick garbage while they are out on the sea

– Increasing awareness in all parts of the organization, from volunteers to sailors and partners.
– All marketing and sponsor materials should be made of materials that can be reused or recycled.
– Give aways will not be permitted if it’s not a product the sailors will actually use.

– There will be no use of disposable plastic, for instance – lunch for the race committee and volunteers are distributed in paper.

Sourcing and Resource Management
– Paperless event; The sailors will not be given any papers – all official information regarding the regatta will be found at manage2sail
– No printed announcements.
– All teams will be given reusable sailors bags instead of plastic when they register on-site.
– Only reusable paper will be used in the race office. 
– Environmentally friendly antifouling to be used on all KNS owned boats
– All race officials will be given a reusable bottle and possibility to refill out on the sea
– There will be no use of disposable plastic.
– Now plastic straw policy in the official event area.
– The Official polo for our partner Helly Hansen  – The Ocean Race – is made from high performance ocean bound recycled material.
– Electric “Robotic marks” to reduce number of crew boats and less use of fuel.



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